Pricing, Payment, and Cancellation

Payment Forms



Cash is always good. You will receive a receipt for your cash payment.

Personal Check

We do not accept personal checks  in bankruptcy matters.

Certified Check

A bank-certified check is acceptable. You will receive a receipt.

Money Order

A postal or money order or a money order issued by a major store chain (WalMart, for example) is acceptable. You will receive a receipt.

Credit Card

We do not accept credit cards in bankruptcy matters.

Debit Card

A debit card linked directly to your bank account is acceptable as payment for attorney's fees but not as payment for court filing fees. Your debit card must bear a MasterCard, Visa, AmEx or Discover logo.

Appointment Fees and Cancellation Policy

All Clients

Delain Law Office, PLLC asks all clients to provide us with a $25 appointment reservation fee for all appointments. This fee will be refunded in full to you under the terms of our Cancellation Policy. 

This fee is a reservation fee; it is NOT part of your attorney's fee, and, as such, it is not includable with your attorney's fee.

The link to pay this fee is sent to you when you book your appointment with us online. Or you may pay the fee by clicking here.

Cancellation Policy

If we cancel your meeting at any time, including within the 24 hours before your appointment, we refund your $25 reservation payment in full. Period.

If you cancel your meeting more than 24 hours in advance, we refund your $25 reservation payment in full. Period.

If you do not cancel more than 24 hours in advance and do not show, no refund is available.  Period.

coins in a jar

coins in a jar